Students Film Headmaster Going Down On Hot Math Teacher And Of Course We’ve Got Screenshots

Perhaps this headmaster is taking is title a little too literally. He’s a headmaster of a school not a “master of head” with all the female employees.

Drago Kamenik, a 41-year-old headmaster with an AWESOME name, was “allegedly” found by students going down on a female math teacher, Manja Merteli, in an empty classroom at a high school in Slovenia. I’m going to say “allegedly” to save my ass but the proof looks pretty solid.

Here’s a screencap marked “allegedly.”

“We heard the noises and knew someone was having sex in there,” said one 19-year-old student. And kids are good at hearing sex. Especially because they think about it a billion times a day. “But we thought it would be other students. We couldn’t believe it when we saw our maths teacher and headmaster.”

Of course, Drago is denying the dude in the video is him, because he’s a dad with kids. “The man in the video is not me, it has been photoshopped,” he said. I love how people don’t know what can and can’t be photoshopped but know it’s possible it can be done. Also, he’s giving his students a butt ton of credit. If anyone could edit a video that well in high school, they should quit school and go right to Hollywood.

There is concrete proof it’s the math teacher, as the rings in the photos match up to other photos of the woman, but we’ll have to call in a forensics team to analyze the back of Drago’s head to prove he was getting a closer look at the anatomy of the math teacher.

Drago is going after the students, naturally, and the kids are not backing down. According to Sunday World, the students dismissed the threats and said that they are willing to put up the rest of the footage, which they say, clearly identifies those involved.

I’ll be over, refreshing Pornhub…just waiting. Man, I’ve never been so interested in math before!

H/T Sunday World

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