Study Shows Which Countries Party Their Asses Off The Most On New Year’s Eve

Think the United States goes hard on New Year’s Eve? Sorry, but compared to some other countries we wimp out way earlier than they do.

According to information collected from Jawbone fitness trackers Russia puts our revelry to shame.

According to information collected from Jawbone fitness trackers Russia puts our asses to shame.

For Russia, New Year’s Eve is sort of a super-holiday, like Christmas and New Year’s Eve combined. Familiar Christmas traditions such as gift exchanges, visiting family, Santa Claus (“Father Frost”), and decorating trees (“New Year trees”) are combined with New Year’s revelry and celebrated on January 1. Russia, with Ukraine and Romania, stay up later than any other country in the world.

The United States isn’t quite as enthusiastic about the New Year as some of the rest of the world. Almost 30% of Americans are asleep by midnight. The west coast goes to bed particularly early. Perhaps by the time midnight strikes on the west coast, 3 hours after the ball has dropped in Times Square (and 19 hours after the first fireworks in Sydney), some of the magic is gone. Los Angeles also needs to be awake early for another New Year’s tradition, the Rose Parade, which begins at 8am the next morning. In fact, 47.9% of people in Pasadena are asleep by midnight.

Damn, Pasadena, you’re…kind of lame.

As for the cities in the United States that still party like it’s 1999, these places take the top spots for staying up the latest on New Year’s Eve…

1 Astoria (Queens), NY 2:38 AM
2 Bronx, NY 2:21 AM
3 Brooklyn, NY 2:11 AM
4 New York, NY 1:59 AM
5 Miami, FL 1:45 AM

Nicely done, New York. But… here are the top five around the world…

1 Moscow, Russia 3:43 AM
2 St. Petersburg, Russia 3:35 AM
3 Kiev, Ukraine 3:35 AM
4 Buenos Aires, Argentina 3:09 AM
5 Madrid, Spain 3:07 AM

Looks like we still have some work to do.

Check out the entire study and more data over at Jawbone.

H/T The Daily Dot; Drunk man image by Shutterstock