You Have To Respect The Hell Out This Guy Who Is Suing His Former Employers Because His Job Was “Too Boring”

I’ve had some garbage jobs in my life. When I was 12, I worked as a dishwasher at a local dive bar with a cook who suffered from chronic kidney stones who ended every conversation with the catchphrase “jew know it”. I then upgraded to working the candyline at the snack bar of my local pool where I sold a kid $20 worth of junk food and almost got assaulted by the kid’s mother because I was apparently supposed to just know that the kid was a diabetic. So when people complain about having shitty jobs, I get it. I’ve been there. I feel for them. Which is why I connect with my new boy Frederic Desnard, the Frenchman who is suing his former employees for trying to bore him to death.

According to Mirror.Co, Desnard claims that he spent four years at his former job being expected to carry out tasks that he viewed as “too menial” and a “descent into hell”. The result? Desnard was left “depressed, destroyed and ashamed” and forced to resign.

Desnard says that after being hired as a manager at Interparfums, a perfume company in Paris, he found himself stripped of his responsibilities until he was left feeling like he “didn’t exist.”

“I left for work each day with a desperate, sinking feeling. Then when I arrived I would often break down in tears. But no one noticed because no one really cared whether I was there or not. I was left depressed and ashamed of being paid for doing nothing.”

Look, I get it Freddy, your job sucked. But do you know what people would give to have a job where they get to sit around and do nothing? Literally everyone. Personally, I respect the fuck out of you, Fred. He doesn’t want to sit around idly and let the best days of his life pass him by while he sits in a chair and slowly dies from a lack of direction. That’s not the life for Freddy D. If I could have sued my old bosses for wasting all of my latent blogging talents, you bet I would have. Regardless, not sure if Freddy boy will win this case, but this guy’s suing them for ballpark $410,000. So win or lose, guy’s got balls of steel, so I’ll consider him a winner regardless.