Middle Eastern Student Suspended For His Suicide Bomber-Themed Prom Proposal Accuses High School Of Racism



An Oregon high school student thought it would be a good idea to dress as a suicide bomber as part of an elaborate prom proposal and you’ll be shocked to learn his school isn’t too thrilled about it.

A Clark County teen who strapped fake explosives to his body in a stunt to ask a date to prom has been suspended from school.

The Columbian reports that the five-day suspension will prevent Ibrahim Ahmad from attending La Center High’s dance Saturday.

The 18-year-old senior said he was trying to go all out with his proposal, wearing a vest filled with paper-tube props made to look like explosives. At lunchtime, Ahmad stood on the cafeteria stage and held a sign that said he was “the bomb” and inviting his would-be date to prom.

Say what you want about the manner in which Ahmad asked, but you can’t argue with his results. The girl said yes and the two plan on just going to dinner on prom night.

If you’re thinking this is the end of the story, think again. Ahmad is adding an unexpected twist to the proceedings by saying that his suspension is racially motivated.

‘I’m Middle Eastern, and I thought the bomb was kind of funny and clever,’ he said. ‘I wasn’t wearing the vest for more than, like, 20 seconds.

‘It’s kind of a trending thing now, too, where everyone just asks in a really creative way.’

Besides, she said ‘yes.’

‘It was really unfair, and it kind of felt racist,’ Ahmad said. ‘If anyone else did that, I feel like no one else would have gotten in trouble for it.’

Reasonable minds can disagree on that. Surely at some point in the planning process this kid had to realize this method probably had some potential to go wrong.

[H/T: Oregon Live]

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