This ‘Suitcase Of The Future’ Will Make Traveling Suck Less Because You Won’t Have To Lug It Around

Traveling sucks but it will suck a little less once these robotic suitcases hit the market.

A truly “smart” suitcase could find an eager market: Luggage company Bluesmart raised more than $2 million in crowdfunding on Indiegogo for a suitcase that can be tracked via smartphone, provides battery backup, and can tell travelers the suitcase’s weight.

The NUA Robotics suitcase is upping the bar for “smart,” though: By using an in-suitcase camera sensor as well as Bluetooth pairing through a smartphone app, the suitcase knows where its owner is, and can follow along (at least on flat surfaces).

While the prototype Mashable saw is very much in a testing phase, Libman hopes to make a version of the suitcase available to consumers in about a year.

Awesome. One question — how fast can it run when the TSA finds drugs inside?

[via Mashable]

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