This Summer’s 7 Best BBQ Life Hacks

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But on to the summer. There is nothing better than grilling out on a nice summer day. Putting back some drinks, stoking the coals and then slapping down some delicious meat and veggies to roast in the high heat.

Grilling though, is a bit of work. Not that we don’t love it, it’s just that there are a lot things involved when it comes to having a great grilling day. So what if there were some hacks you could use to make your life easier? You’d like those, wouldn’t you?

Well, all you have to do is keep scrolling.

Clean your grill grate with an oiled onion.

You may have a grill brush, but in all likelihood, you don’t. Who does? Get rid of grim on the grates by slicing an onion in half. You are probably using one anyway for guac or pasta salad or something. Take half of it, pour a little oil on it and, with your grilling tongs, rub it vigorously over the grate. Guess what? Clean grill.

Oven up your grill.

You’re typically used to, once the coals are going good, spreading them about over the base of the grill evenly. Well, don’t do that. Instead, put more to one side and less to another. That way, you have a high heat section for searing, and a low heat spot for the rest of your cooking. Brilliant, no? Makes you look like a grilling genius.

Show off your wiener skills.

This will impress the ladies, but not in the way you were just thinking. Spiral cut a hot dog by inserting a skewer in it, than running a knife diagonally down against it. This will cook up cool as all hell. And make you the toast of your BBQ.

Save on seasoning.

No one, no one will be impressed if you douse your steak, chicken or fish in Montreal Steak seasoning beforehand. Meat needs one thing: salt. Let your grill do the rest. That’s why it’s called grilling and not “Mrs. Dash-ing”

Chill beer mad fast with salt and water

Everyone will tell you about that life hack of wrapping a damp paper towel around a bottle of beer and sticking it in a freezer. Okay, but how about a life hack that actually works, and is useful, since you have a lot of beer. Fill up your sink or cooler with ice. Add a ton (we do mean a ton) of salt, then add water. The salt lowers the freezing point of the water, and your more-than-ice cold water surrounds all your bottles and cans, making them super, super cold super, super fast.

Double up your skewer situation

Kebabs are tough. They look beautiful at first, bright and fresh and meaty, but when you go for the first turn, some of those meats and veggies won’t cooperate. You’re left poking and prodding with tongs to try and get all the chunks facing the same way. Simple solution? Stick two skewers through the pieces instead of one. Your problems will magically vanish

Aluminum foil is your friend

Don’t let haters tell you otherwise. If food looks done on the outside, but you aren’t sure what’s going on in the inside, wrap it in a little foil and let it cook further without getting burned. No one will think twice when they’re biting into succulent, not dry, chicken and pork.

[Images via Imgur]