25 Percent of Americans Believe the Sun Revolves Around Earth

The next time you’re in a large crowd, take a good look around and think about the fact 1 in 4 Americans think the sun revolves around the Earth. Then push and shove the unwashed masses because you’re much, much better than them and your time is infinitely more important.

The survey, conducted by the National Science Foundation, included more than 2,200 participants in the U.S., AFP reports. It featured a nine-question quiz about physical and biological science and the average score was a 6.5.

And the fact that only 74 percent of participants knew that the Earth revolved around the sun is perhaps less alarming than the fact that only 48 percent knew that humans evolved from earlier species of animals.

If you’re sitting there bemoaning our country’s future, take solace in the fact that our ignorance has company.

Here’s the thing, though: Americans actually fared better than Europeans who took similar quizzes — at least when it came to the sun and Earth question. Only 66 percent of European Union residents answered that one correctly.

Jesus. Good work, everyone.

[H/T: Time]