This Supercut of Members Of The Military Being Reunited With Their Families Is All You Need On Veterans Day

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Every year when November 11th rolls around,  I always think about how fortunate computer-typing desk monkeys like myself  have it. The most frustrating part of my day-to-day work life — sans when our dickhead office coffee machine decides not to work — is the decision on whether or not to get a Chipotle burrito bowl or a Subway foot-long for lunch. I type out some blog posts, read what’s poppin’ on the Internet elsewhere, tell a couple of people what to do, set Facebook and Twitter, then go home to fridge full of beer, endless Seamless delivery options, and watch Homeland On-Demand until I pass out in my very cozy, comfortable bed. Family is around. Friends are around. It’s a good life.

Then there are our nations warriors in all branches of the military, past and present. The men and women who have protected our freedom over the years and serve their country out of a profound sense of duty. Separated from their friends, families, and homes for months at a time, they go through hell and back, put in countless hours of hard work and training, and risk peril and danger just so schmucks like myself can sleep soundly at night. Some don’t make it home. The members of our Armed Forces are heroes and Bros in every single respect of the word; they put their lives on the line so you and I can have cold beer on a Friday night while drunkenly singing Zac Brown Band songs in those silly-looking Chubbies American Flag shorts at the bar with our friends. We owe them everything.

Today is Veterans Day. Our vets and service members are an important part of what makes this country great and, dammit, we’re proud of them. Let’s remember and thank our veterans and active military service members for serving their country and keeping America the land of the free and the home of the brave. Buy one a beer at the bar. Listen to their stories. Absorb what they’ve been through. Say thank you.

In honor of Veterans Day, I highly encourage you to watch this supercut of military members being reunited with their families. The homecomings will make your eyes misty, putting everything about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in perspective on this special day of remembrance. God bless America and the brave heroes that keep her safe.

Also, check out this supercuts of soldiers being reunited with their dogs upon their homecoming. The emotions are beautiful.

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