These Guys Got A BIG Surprise When They Responded To A Craigslist Ad To Pay $200 To Be With A Prostitute

I fucking hate prank videos but this is a fantastic prank. Top shelf shit.

Vitaly (an Internet famous prankster) and his mother put a prostitution ad on Craigslist saying men could “spend $200 an hour to spend time with a nice woman.” When the men arrived, their tryst quickly turned into an episode of To Catch A Predator, but for horny dudes who want to fuck prosties. Let’s remember, these guys are not pedafiles/monsters who want to bang underage kids and should be removed from society altogether. Just dudes who yearn to fuck a nice lady. And pay her handsomely for it.

Poor bastards all thought their lives were ruined. I don’t know how much further down they could realistically get in life if they’re trying to buy hookers on Craigslist, but the thought of being arrested for it took them all the way there. God, that had to suck.