Survey Finds That You Want To Watch ’50 Shades Of Grey’ With Your Girl Because It’s Making Chicks Super Horny

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On some level, we would all like to probably watch porn with our girlfriends/wives/whatever. I think a lot of people are afraid to open that can of worms, though. For one, you don’t want to ask and then have her look at you like you’re a ten-headed pervert. Also, judgement. TONS of judgment. “So this is what you’re into? I look nothing like that. Why are we even together? Huh? HUH?!?!”

Then you spend the next 48 hours trying to convince her that although she looks nothing like Lisa Ann (or your porn star of choice) that she is still perfect for you. Real tumultuous shit. And any guy who has ever groveled to a pissed off girl knows how much of a pain in the dick that is, so it keeps a lot of us from doing things. Awesome things. Like, watching porn together and then getting fucking freaky.

According to a survey from Tubi TV, the movie 50 Shades Of Grey might be a compromise to all that porn you want to watch.  The survey found that most chicks who watched the movie got super aroused during it. So maybe, just maybe, you want to put it in your Netflix queue.

Per the Tubi TV release:

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, MAY 14, 2015 – Tubi TV, a free TV and Movie site, announced today the results of a survey from 1,522 respondents on movies including 50 Shades of Grey, Basic Instinct, and Gone Girl. In the survey, 68.13% of women were “somewhat” or “very” aroused when watching 50 Shades of Grey, almost matching men at 68.42%. Married individuals polled the highest of being “somewhat” or “very” aroused at 71%, while those “In a Relationship” and “Single” came in lower at 70% and 65%, respectively.

“Married couples tend to feel ‘safer’ in their relationship, therefore more free to explore their sexuality,” said Stephanie Flood, MA, Sex and Relationship Therapist. “For many women and the phenomena of 50 Shades, it’s not the idea of BDSM that turns them on, it’s about being dominated — for a man to take control.”

30 to 44 year olds polled the highest levels of  “arousal” at 73%. When survey participants were asked whether watching Basic Instinct — where the female star is the aggressor — made them want to have sex, the responses had a higher discrepancy rate between the sexes. 53% of Males said “yes”, compared to only 27% of Females.

“Men being dominated has to do with the idea that men commonly are in charge, and letting go of that control is very arousing,” said Flood. “As a society, men are still getting used to women having a 50% role in a relationship, where the men are sometimes not needed at all.”

50 Shades of Grey might not be porn –or even a good movie for that matter — but if you don’t have the stones to ask your girl to watch porn with you, it will have to do.

[H/T Tubi TV]

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