Survey Reveals Which Female Halloween Costumes Single Guys Most Think Mean ‘DTF’

survey female halloween costumes dtf


I’m not really sure what to think of this survey of single men who were asked which female Halloween costumes they most felt indicated a woman was DTF.

On one hand, it could serve as a warning to women on Halloween what is going through some men’s minds if she chooses to wear one of these costumes.

On the other hand, if a woman truly is feeling the urge on All Hallow’s Eve then by all means use this list as a starting point for deciding what to wear. Who am I to judge?

On a third hand, you should never assume anyone is DTF because of what they’re wearing and the people who conducted this survey are likely to get a shitload of hate mail telling them exactly that. But, that’s, like, their problem.

Either way, here are the results of the survey of 61,329 single men on the date-auction Web site

Top Halloween Costumes of 2015 – DTF Rating
1 Kylie Jenner – 81%
2 Khaleesi – 76%
3 Princess Leia – 67%
4 Sexy Nurse – 59%
5 Elsa from “Frozen” – 44%
6 Nicki Minaj – 38%
7 Wonder Woman – 33%
8 Cher from “Clueless” – 24%
9 Minions from “Despicable Me” – 17%
10 Hillary Clinton – 12%

“Kylie completely shed her teeny-bopper image this year, and at 18 years old has adopted a persona of someone who is way beyond her years,” says Brandon Wade, Founder and CEO of “Kylie’s mature image has every man looking past her youthful age, turning their focus to her feminine features and evolving look.”

“Hillary Clinton on the other hand falls on the opposite end of the list,” says Wade. “Women who choose to dress as Clinton may be viewed as more serious and less likely to have a lapse in judgement by guys who just want a hook up.”

I don’t know. You can’t be married to Bill Clinton for as long as Hillary has and not be a little bit freaky in the sack, right?

Sexy nurse image by Shutterstock