Survey Reveals The Things People Are Most Likely To Lie About On A First Date

We’re all a bunch of liars and we know it, but lying on the first date? Yep, we like to get that part of the relationship started early apparently. At least according to a study done by UK Web site Chillsauce.

The study included a survey of 8,000 people so these results can be taken pretty seriously. And what they found out is that not only do we lie a lot on a first date, they also discovered WHAT we like to lie about the most.

According to their survey, 61% of the respondents say that they would lie on a first date. My uneducated guess here? Of the 39% who said that they would stick to the truth, some of those people were also lying.

“What things do you lie about the most on a first date?”

The ladies are most likely to lie about their age, 37% of them in fact, with the average amount of years shaved off between three and five years.

Following that, the things women would lie about the most on a first date are their occupation, their hometown, THEIR NAME, their wealth and their previous relationships.

Did you catch that? Women lie about their NAME! 14% of the respondents said that! Impressive.

As for the men, 29% admitted they are most likely to lie about their wealth. And they are quite generous to themselves too, giving themselves a fictional 20% raise on average.

Occupation was the second most lied about topic for men on a first date, followed by previous relationships, hometown, age, and way down at the bottom, their name.

“So what occupation do you say you have when you lie about it?”

Since occupation was the second most lied about category on a first date by both men and women, what jobs would they be mostly likely to say that they have?

With men it would be entrepreneur, then pilot and then investment banker.

Women chose model, teacher and interior designer as their top three fictional occupations.

My, aren’t we all such successful people?

Quite a tangled web we weave when going on a first date, huh, folks?

Chillsauce also covers many more first date-related topics including the ultimate turn-offs and how to spot a lie. Check it out.

First date image by Shutterstock