GTA IRL: Criminal Suspect Chased By Police Helicopter, SUV And Cop On Foot, Smashed By Open-Field Tackle

You know in GTA when a police officer witnesses you trying to steal a car and will chase you on foot? Then you discharge your weapon a couple of times, run over a few pedestrians, blow up a gas station, and all of a sudden your wanted level is at five stars. Suddenly not only is an entire precinct of police officers chasing and shooting at you, but so is a police helicopter, NOOSE Tactical Response Unit Officers and FIB Agents in hot pursuit. Well this dude in Houston had his wanted level at like three stars as law enforcement attempted to apprehend him with all of their resources.

Two men attempted to burglarize a home in Houston when the owners received an alert and returned home from work to thwart the robbery. The robbers took off in a car when the owners arrived. One suspect ran away and police chased him not only with a patrol SUV, but also a police helicopter. They tried to clip the suspect with the truck, but missed.

That’s when an officer jumped out of the helicopter, sprinted, and made a dandy of an open-field tackle of the criminal.

The second suspect was arrested in a nearby neighborhood.

When the owners of the home saw the video of the arrest they were extremely grateful of the Houston PD. “They will get a beer!” Rik Dalton said. They definitely earned that cold brew.