Now You Can Swipe Tinder On Your Apple TV, Because What An Amazing Time To Be Alive

by 1 year ago

Amazing move here by Apple and Tinder. Swiping through randos on dating apps like Tinder is a form of group entertainment in 2016, so why not do it on the biggest screen in your house? Tinder is now coming to the Apple TV, so soon you’ll be able to get your swipe on. Can’t wait for the inevitable Xbox and Playstation versions. Here are the details, via Mashable:

The big screen service provides only the bare bones dating experience — all you can do is swipe using the Apple TV remote’s trackpad. To use the app, TV daters must already have an active Tinder account, and there’s no way to edit profiles or chat with matches on the big screen. The more personal aspects of the service remain tied to users’ phones.

Group Tinder is the best Tinder.

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