Thirsty Man Breaks Into Restaurant To Chug Tabasco Sauce And It Actually Happened Really Far From Florida

Ever have a bad night out where things got out of hand and you found yourself doing something you’d never do sober? If you’re reading this website — or are a human being — then the answer is yes.

But few of us have done what an intoxicated Berlin man did recently.

The 34-year-old allegedly stole a bicycle, used it to break through a restaurant window and went to town on a bottle of Tabasco sauce.


Because he was thirsty, duh.

Police spokesman Jens Berger said Tuesday the 34-year-old was intoxicated, but it wasn’t clear why he went for the bottle of Tabasco to quench his thirst. He says the man may have mistaken it for a tiny bottle of liqueur, popular in Germany.

Neighbors alerted police overnight after hearing the window smash. The man was arrested inside the restaurant.

Berger says after telling police he had broken in because he was thirsty, he said all he wanted to do was sleep — and was given the opportunity in an overnight holding cell.

Really a plausible explanation. Perhaps he figured it was just a terrible Fireball knockoff.

Half a bottle, though. Maybe analyze the taste on ONE of your gulps next time.

And there will be a next time. No one walks away from that high and doesn’t want to ride it again.

[H/T: Associated Press]

Hot sauce image via Shutterstock