Man Who Really Loves Noodles Continues To Eat His Ramen As 40-Person Knife Fight Breaks Out Around Him

There’s something to be said for always keeping your head down and minding your own business.

Last year, we brought you a video of this Russian Bro, who kept his chill when a 30-person brawl broke out around him.

Now, this Taiwanese man is your new role model, for he, when a 40-person knife fight descended upon him, kept eating his noodles.

Ramen isn’t nearly as good when it cools, so I understand that he wanted to get at it immediately. Can’t have that perfectly soft-boiled yolk set.

In the Russia video, a lot of you readers speculated that the calm dude was the mastermind behind the attack, or a lookout, and I initially thought that about this guy, too. But authorities have cleared him of all wrongdoing, because it ain’t illegal to just want to eat your damn food.

One person’s nose was cut off in the fight.