Taylor Swift Pulls A Epic Bro Move, Donates $15,000 To A Firefighter Who Saved His Family

I’ve unnecessarily bashed Taylor Swift a lot over the years. I feel pretty bad about my stupid blogger snark because (A. she’s a Pennsylvanian deep down inside and we look after our own (B. she likes pizza parties with her fans, and (C. it a world of vapid, talentless celebrities being awful, terrible people (cough, cough… Kardashians), Taylor Swift has remained a sweetheart. Her random acts of kindness rule, like when she gave a fan $90 to go buy Chipotle last year.

Last weekend Texas firefighter Aaron Van Riper responded to a car accident, only to discover that the victims were his wife and 7-year-old son. Both were injured in the head-on collision — His wife Amber was completely ejected from the car and his son was pinned in the car.


“It’s my family. My wife was laying there on the ground. (By) the look of the car, I don’t know how either one of them lived. There was nothing left of that car,” Aaron Van Riper, Assistant Chief for the Thomas Lake Fire Department.

Both his wife, Amber, and son, Jonathan were rushed by LifeFlight to Memorial Hermann hospital. Both have a number of fractures.

Van Riper says Amber endured 9 hours of surgery just Sunday to repair her pelvis, broken in five places. The family, however, does not have insurance.

What a nightmare. Fortunately, friends of the family quickly set up a GoFundMe to help cover the medical bills.

After surgery on his arm and leg, Jonathan has been released from the hospital. Amber is still hospitalized. Meanwhile, yesterday people noticed that someone named “Taylor Swift” left an awesome donation of $15,000 for the family.

That is such a Bro move. Well done, Taylor. You get all the Bro points for this week.

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