Taylor Swift Had Three Kids Arrested For Shenanigans Outside Her House

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T-swizzle don’t take shit from no one. That includes a bunch of 20-somethings that were caught throwing beer bottles and swearing towards security patrolling Taylor Swift’s house in Rhode Island.

“Police said they were contacted by one of Swift’s security guards near the access to East Beach who said two males and a female threw beer bottles onto the singer’s property in his direction. The guard, Ryan Poirier, said the three then “extended their middle fingers” and shouted the corresponding expletive.”

So the beer bottles, fine. That’s littering, boo-hoo, I’m sure the landscapers will take care of it in the morning. But middle fingers and cuss words? I didn’t know Taylor Swift hired crying vaginas to patrol her property. Was involving the police really necessary?

“Patrolman Matthew Hayden said as he and Poirier made their way over to speak with the trio, Horrigan ran in the direction of the Ocean House, prompting a call to another officer for backup. Meanwhile the others were taken into custody, handcuffed and identified by Poirier as the alleged perpetrators.
Officer Robert Gilman caught up with Horrigan, who was also arrested and identified as a bottle-thrower and middle-finger-flipper.”

Via The Westerly Sun

You’d think the worst these kids got would be a simple “Go the fuck away,” but calling for backup because one kid ran? Wasn’t the whole problem that they were there in the first place? Looks like your problem just solved itself and then you went and brought it back. Then again, “middle-finger-flippers” are hardened criminals just like Charles Manson, so they deserve the jail time and impending death sentence just like everyone else.

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