Teacher Being Attacked Forcefully Body Slams Student To Stop Fight

With all the controversy over the Ray Rice situation it has opened up the discussion on if it is ever warranted for a male to inflict harm on a woman if she is physically provoking him. While the Rice debacle was deplorable, and Jannay Rice was in no way deserving of the brutal cold-cock that knocked her unconscious, this abominable video is not so clear cut. The young lady attempts to fight another student, but the teacher intervenes and separates the girls. While the one student backs off, the other crazed student is dead-set on beating the other girl’s ass. So much so that she uses everything from a defensive lineman’s swim move to punching her teacher several times in the face to fight the other student. However after about the fifth punch to the face the teacher has had enough of this insanity and promptly judo slams her on the floor, which is an immediate attitude adjuster. Comment below if the teacher was justified in his means of protecting the other student and himself with his actions.