P.E. Teacher Spits Old School Fire And Destroys Student In Freestyle Rap Battle

Now this is not the best rap battle you will see this week and it probably set hip hop back 20 years, but this student gets absolutely served when he steps to his gym teacher.

Now it wasn’t too difficult for the teacher to school the student since he had the lyrical skills of Pitbull. He only laid down one choppy-as-fuck line of, “When you see me rapping, you better yield, I suggest going back to girls track & field.” Not exactly the reincarnation of 2pac right there. However this old hip hop head phys. ed. teacher steps up and obliterates this kid with bars that are older than the student himself.

The P.E. teacher channels his inner Sugarhill Gang to spray his Rapper’s Delight flow and win over the crowd. It’s like a geriatric 8 Mile.

Seems a bit unfair if you ask me. That OG had like 30 years to create and get that rhyme down pat, while that kid came up with that lackluster line a minute ago.


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