Teacher Breaks Up Student Fight With Extremely Effective Chokehold And Trolls Kid While Doing So

by 1 year ago

Being a teacher looks like a terrible job. Minus the summers off and the sweet retirement package, there is a shit-ton of horrible aspects you have to deal with on a daily basis – like fights. This teacher was faced with breaking up a brouhaha between two students and with fresh memories of UFC 2015 in his head he went all MMA on one kid.

Two students were looking at a monitor when the kids decided to throw down. The one kid unleashes a flurry of punches and knocks the big dude to the ground. For 26 seconds the two students smash each other, and finally the teacher calmly saunters over and breaks up the fight. Not by pulling them apart, but by applying a rear naked choke on the more aggressive student. While applying the chokehold the teacher tells the student, “Step off or you’re gonna go night night.”

You have to appreciate a teacher who breaks up the fight and has a kickass saying locked and ready to go like he was some WWE wrestler performing his signature move.

I don’t know if there are rules against teachers using chokeholds against students even when the instructor is attempting to save another pupil from being beaten to a pulp, but it’s probably frowned upon. Expect this teacher to be fired for trying to break up the fight and a civil lawsuit against the school system and teacher. But it did effectively break up the fight without further injuries, unless that kid’s trachea was crushed.


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