Teachers Arrested For Running Baby ‘Fight Club’ Where Kids Were Fed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos And Sprayed With Water

It’s survival of the fittest out there in the big bad world, and the earlier these little shitlins learn that lesson the better. Do I condone running a baby fight club out of a daycare center? Of course not; that would get me in trouble. But would I show Schindler’s List to a group of toddlers as a lesson about mass-genocide and the kind of shit they have to look forward to once they grow up? Sure! Why not? It’s a history lesson! I don’t see how that’s a problem aside from the fact that a black and white film probably won’t hold their attention, but as long as I’m not pulling the kind of shit 31-year-old Sarah Jordan did at Minnieland Academy in Woodbridge, Virginia, I don’t see a problem.

According to Daily Mail, Jordan has been found guilty of over a dozen criminal charges including child cruelty, assault and battery. While more than 20 counts were dismissed by the judge during her trial (prosecutors reportedly were not able to prove that certain alleged assaults occurred within the statute of limitations), upon the jury finding her guilty her bond was revoked and she was remanded to jail until her sentencing on May 6th.

In the course of a three-day bench trial this week, witnesses testified that Jordan intentionally tripped toddlers, stepped on their toes, encouraged them to fight each other and sprayed them in the face with a hose on full blast.

The teacher testified Wednesday in her own defense and denied the accusations. She said she occasionally used the hose to sprinkle kids with water but never tried to hurt them.

She suggested that the accusations stemmed from workplace disputes with her co-workers.(via)

However, the prosecution countered that the three co-workers who testified that they had witnessed Jordan abusing children stated that they had no bias against Jordan, with one witness even going so far as to say that she considered her a friend.

Although Jordan has been found guilty, yet another teacher at Minnieland Academy, Kierra Spriggs, is facing similar charges:

Allegations of cruelty first came to light against Jordan and Spriggs in a September 2013 report by the Virginia Department of Social Service claiming that the two day care teachers were physically and emotionally abusing kids at Minnieland Academy for their amusement.

The report detailed how Jordan and Spriggs would encourage toddlers to fight and bite one another, how they would dunk kids fearful of water into wading pools and feed them Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. According to the document and witness accounts, the abuse lasted for six months.(via)

Spriggs’ trial is set for February.

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