Teachers Revealed The Stupidest Questions Students Have Ever Asked Them And Just, Wow…

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You know the old saying, “There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers?” Yeah, WRONG. There are lots of stupid questions out there. Who the hell came up with that saying anyway? What a dope.

All the proof we need to prove that are actually loads of really stupid questions is this “Ask Reddit” thread where teachers were asked to reveal the stupidest questions they’ve ever been asked by a student.

Warning: You may weep a little bit for humanity after reading these.

Here we go…

“Do people in movies actually die?” – High School ~ ExpFilm_Student

“Isn’t there any homework for tonight?” — followed by immediate assassination of nerd by fellow classmates. ~ Tawptuan

Teacher tells the class to get into “pairs”

Student asks “Miss, why don’t we get into groups of two? It’s easier.” ~ Sc00ps_

“If I’m allergic to peanuts, can I eat peanut M&Ms?” 7th grade. ~ WFleming593

“Do they have the moon in Germany?” Edit: Yes, they were serious. ~ Punchysporkk

We watched a movie in which a father rapes his teenaged daughter. It’s framed as a “seduction” scene, but clearly, she’s 15 and his daughter. A student asked “ok but is that really rape, since she wasn’t trying to fight him off?” This was college. I had to explain incest and statutory rape to a college student. ~ TalkingMalibuStacy

When I was a kid I went to Catholic school, where every morning we had this weird ritual where we were told to stare into a candle in the middle of the room and think of nothing but Jesus. Some kid asked the teacher “is Jesus in the candle?” ~ nuclearpunk

“Hitler is the guy the Jews worship, right?” ~ LeftRat

I always kept the kids English books on their table because we did English every day. I was teaching the kids multiplication and I had just explained to them their task for the lesson, I ask if anyone has any questions and one kid pipes up and asks “Are we doing this in our English book?” All I could say was “Are we doing English?”, which he took in good humour when he realised his brain fart but that didn’t stop the TA running off to the deputy head to tell him how I reacted. Got a nice bollocking for that one. ~ pajamakitten

“Where do they put all the snow in the summer?” – High school kid ~ DrAngryJuice

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