Ted Cruz’s College Roommate Can’t Stop Making Fun Of Him On Twitter


Ted Cruz is a Canadian-born junior U.S. Senator from Texas. In case you just got out of a coma, he is running for President Of The United States, despite not liking one state in particular.

Crai Mazin is a professional screenwriter who also happened to be Ted Cruz’s college roommate at Princeton in 1988. Over on Twitter, Mazin has been spewing 24/7 loathing for his old Ivy League bunk buddy. Against the backdrop of the looming Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, it makes for some highly amusing social media melodrama.

There’s a lesson here, Bros: Don’t be a dick to your roommates. You never know if they’ll be running for public office 25 years later.

This is going to get VERY interesting if Cruz gets the GOP nom.

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