AWESOME: Teen With Down Syndrome Gets His First Job And His Reaction Is Priceless

by 4 years ago

Ben Sunderman is just your regular 19-year-old kid. High school has ended and now he has to begin life in the real world. The former prom king has set out three goals to achieve before he turns 21; 1.) Get strong, 2.) Get a girlfriend and 3.) Get a job.

Well I would consider balling with San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan as strong as you can get. So cross that off the list.

Then last week he knocked off another of his life goals in fantastic fashion. Ben applied for a job at the Embassy Suites hotel in Frisco, Texas. The employment opportunity was brought about through Project Search, a program that helps young adults with disabilities transition from high school into the working world. He had been watching the mailbox for days anticipating a response on to whether on not he got the internship and finally a letter came in the mail.

Ben begins to read the very important letter. As with most mothers, Sharon Sunderman was too anxious to know the news on her baby boy and continually asks, “Did you get it?” Ben plays it cool and puts up one finger to politely shush her as he continues to read the entire announcement.

He freezes, and then it hits him. He smiles and then erupts into complete jubilation. “I get it!” he shouts, and throws both hands into the air. “I get a job!” He jumps into his fathers arms for a hug and follows it up with a round of double high-fives as the celebration begins.

Now for the hard part, Ben starts his new job in August where he will work at the hotel for eight hour shifts.

Two down Ben, now let’s get cracking on getting that girlfriend okay?


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