Enterprising Teen Sold Pot Brownies to Pay For Prom Dress


Prom is expensive. From tickets to dinner to limousines, a night celebrating the end of high school can run several hundred dollars. And that’s just if you are a dude. Women have the added expense of purchasing a gorgeous, one-time wear dress.

If you are a broke kid and want to go, what to do?

Well, if you are Saira Munoz of Northern California, the answer is obvious. Sell pot brownies at a school bake sale.

Unfortunately, Munoz didn’t tell anyone what the special ingredient was, and one student went to the hospital. The bigger problem, though? Munoz enlisted a friend to help her move the brownies, which mean she was guilty of employing a minor to sell drugs, a felony.

She was sentenced to four years probation Monday. No word on whether she’ll be allowed to attend prom.

[Brownies via Shutterstock]