More Teens Undergoing Labia Surgery In Attempt To Have ‘Perfect Vagina’



More and more teens are going under the knife in an effort to look prettier — down there.

The number of girls aged 18 and under undergoing labiaplasties has nearly doubled. In 2014, 222 girls underwent the procedure, up to 400 in 2015, according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

“Variety in the shape, size, appearance and symmetry of labia can have particularly distressing psychological effects on young women,” said Julie Strickland, the chair of ACOG’s Adolescent Health Care Committee and the lead author of the guidelines.

All those naked selfies are leading to more plastic surgery and not just tit jobs and tummy tucks. Young girls are now spending absurd amounts of mom and dad’s money on making their wizard’s sleeve as pretty as possible. How young girls manage to convince dad to foot the bill to make their vagina prettier for boys is beyond me.

The paper suggests young women are increasingly considering labiaplasty because of “increasing trends in pubic hair removal, exposure to idealised images of genital anatomy, and increasing awareness of cosmetic vaginal surgery”. It also encourages gynecologists to recommend nonsurgical alternatives and educate and reassure adolescents seeking medical treatment.

I’m suggesting loose fitting clothes, dating blind guys or finding a guy with a really tiny penis. He’ll be happy to have any labia at all.

[via Independent]