No One Can Tell WTF This Optical Illusion Painting Is Supposed To Be, But Once You See It Out You’ll Kick Yourself

Optical illusions are annoying in that if you can’t figure it out immediately, the chances that you’ll spend the next five hours trying to see what everyone else is seeing (and still fail) are better than good. Sometimes you’ll get it right away, more likely than not you won’t. Personally, I stared at this stupid fucking piece of shit no-good asshole of a piece of “art” for 15 minutes before I quit:

Can you tell what it’s supposed to be? No? Don’t feel bad, most people can’t either – the annoying this is that once I tell you what it is you’ll start kicking yourself.

Are you ready?

Do you give up?

Okay, it’s…













…a guy in a cowboy hat.

According to the original Facebook post by Savannah Root, she had to stare at it for an hour before she figured it out. Not everyone in the comment section, however, was so lucky:

[H/T Mirror]