Tequila Beer Is Here to Get You Drunk

by 4 years ago


Summer is almost here, which means your beverage options from now until Labor Day are tequila and cheap, light beer.

(Yes, you can drink Hefeweizens and Micheladas and summer ales and whiskey and gin and tonics and Tom Collinses and really any drink you want because it’s summer and who the eff cares, but for the purpose of this post, let’s assume all you can drink is tequila and cheap, light beer.)

Oh man! What if… instead of separately consuming tequila and cheap, light beer, they were together in one bottle, which you could suck down in the summer sun and thus be forever ecstatic about life and living and drinking man, drinking outdoors is the fucking BEST.

Well, Heineken is here to make the dream I just made up for you come true with Desperados, which is coming to a United States near you (It’s been in Europe for 15 years). How is the concoction crafted? Heineken takes lager beer and ages it in tequila barrels for a few months. Then they add more beer (beer-flavored beer??) which has been mixed with tequila and “lemon flavors.”

Doesn’t tequila go better with lime? Whatever. Marketing. Branding. Millennials. Try it and it just might change your life.

It won’t change your life. Because it’s only 6% ABV. Call me crazy, but I don’t drink tequila for the flavor. I drink it for the BOOZE. Which this doesn’t have.

ADIOS, as they say in Mexico. It’s been a pleasure sharing this story with you.


[H/T Elite Daily; Image via Thrillist]


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