These Leaked Texas Fraternity Rules Are Racist, Homophobic And Anti-Spell-Check (Photo)

The despicable racist chants by Oklahoma’s SAE have been nationwide news and now unfortunately there seems to be another abominable fraternity scandal.

An alleged confidential letter that contains a list of rules for the Austin chapter of the Phi Gamma Delta has been exposed and it is reprehensible. The fraternity known as “Fiji House” listed rules of the house and many of them are absolutely racist and homophobic.

The appalling letter was uploaded to Flickr. It begins with some sound rules including no drinking and driving, no drugs and respect the ladies. Then the letter turns strange in the “Dress Code” portion. The Fiji House prohibits wristwatches, gelled hair, ankle socks, tighty whities, sunglasses, backwards hats, facial hair and  “designer clothes” from Abercrombie, Old Navy, and J. Crew. It also has a homophobic rule of “No Fagetry.”

Then in the “Other Rules” section of the absurd letter it states “No Facebook,”No working out,” “No crying to Mom,” “No being a pussy (quiting)” and “No deuschbags.” Apparently “No spell-check” is an unlisted mandate.

The letter turns repugnantly racist when you get to Rule #9.) No interracial dating and Rule #16.) No Mexicans.

A Flickr user Prentiss Riddle uploaded the hateful rules to the photo sharing website.

There is no proof that this is a legitimate list of rules actually adhered to by the Fiji house, however there is precedent that they are racially insensitive. They are the same closed-minded group that held a “Border Patrol Party” last month. The fraternity president apologized after the incident.