Texas Pulls ‘Texas AF’ License Plate After Realizing What It Meant

It’s hard to keep up with the kids these days. One day, tinder is something used to start a fire while camping, the next you are reading about how it’s changing hookup culture.

“How can small bits of wood change basic courtship rituals?” you ask yourself. “Are the kids asking each other out to the Sadie Hawkins dance by writing notes on bits of wood?”

That’s weird, you think.

Bad as you are, no one is worse at staying with our rapidly shifting culture than the government. Not only does the inherently monolithic nature of it make it difficult, most people who work for the government are pretty darn dumb.

Like in Texas, where, for a limited time, you could purchase this Texas AF license plate.

It was pulled from the site selling it after officials realized it stood for ‘Texas as fuck.”

Damn kids.

[Via Esquire]