Texts From Mom Vs. Texts From Dad, Perfectly Summed Up By This Bro’s Late Night Run To Whataburger

Moms are great, especially when they text you selfies with Rich Homie Quan, but there’s nothing like a the bond between a father and a son. That’s because dads just kind of get it when their boy does dumb random shit — They remember being that age and doing the same dumb random shit. So when that sort of things happens, dad can only chuckle to himself and roll with it. After all, their boy is cut from the same genetic cloth with the same weird idiosyncrasies.

That’s best summed up in this text exchange. This Bro got a case of the munchies and snuck out of the house to hit up Whataburger. His mom lost it. Meanwhile, dad suddenly was struck by a similar case of the munchies.

Like father like son. ‘Atta boy, dad. Way to keep it cool.


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