This Bro Perfectly Trolls Creepy Guy Reading Texts Over His Shoulder On A Bus

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The Chive

There is absolutely NOTHING worse than someone peering over your shoulder to get a glimpse at what you’re doing on your phone. I was on a plane a couple weeks ago and this lady wouldn’t stop looking at my while scrolling through the BroBible Instagram feed, which — in case you haven’t noticed — includes many pics of scantily clad ladies. Even though I was on my phone and have a reasonable expectation to privacy, I could hear her sighing in judgement every time a girl in a bikini showed up on the our ‘gram feed. Hey lady — MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER.

A person in the UK ran into a similar situation with a nosey neighbor on a bus. Except they came up with a brilliant troll with the person they were texting.

Via The Chive: