These Are The Texts A Guy Looking To Buy Weed Accidentally Sent The Local Narcotics Captain That Got Him Arrested

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Out of all the wrong phone numbers you could have possibly dialed, if you manage to somehow pick the local narcotics captain’s number then the universe is definitely telling you something. Could be something as simple as “quit doing drugs, idiot” or “hey Brian, maybe it’s time to change up your phone plan,” but in the end 29-year-old William Lamberson’s got loads of time to figure it out while he sits in jail. I mean, what did you expect — that he’d text Captain Brian Bergen about trying to pick up weed and somehow emerge at the end of this story a free man? Fat chance. According to WPBF,

Last month Capt. Brian Bergen, a narcotics investigator for Martin County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations, started receiving cellphone texts from an unknown man who wanted marijuana.
The text read: “Wanna smoke so bad u have any green.”
Bergen played along and the two had a back and forth conversation through text messages. The man apparently misdialed and mistakenly thought Bergen was a pot-smoking acquaintance he met at a 7-Eleven.
The conversation evolved into the man, later identified as 29-year-old William Lamberson of Port St. Lucie, offering to sell him cocaine.

Lamberson was promptly arrested outside of the pool hall where the two were scheduled to meet. As for the texts that brought the two together, well…they’re embarrassing to say the least. Bergen didn’t even respond the first time, and then he asked for a photo? Sketchy as hell, but if you’re desperate for a fix I can see why Lamberson threw all caution (and common sense) to the wind and went for it anyway:











[H/T WPBF, images via Martin County Sheriff’s Office]

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