Two Bros Go Fishing To Honor Their Friend That Died Of Cancer, Use His Ashes As Bait And Catch MONSTER Fish


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Last year three bros took a fishing trip to Thailand together and had such a great time they immediately re-booked the trip again for April of this year. In December one of the three men was diagnosed with late-stage, extremely aggressive liver cancer and was given only two weeks to live.

Ron Hopper lost his cancer battle on December 22nd, and his bros Paul Fairbrass and Cliff Dale were left with the decision of whether or not to go forward with their fishing trip to Thailand. Unsure of whether or not the memory of their deceased best friend would be too much to handle on the trip they did the only thing sensible: they brought along Ron Hopper’s ashes, used the ashes as bait, and caught a MONSTER carp (180lbs) in honor of their bro.

Here’s that big ass fish they caught using their bro’s ashes (story below):

The Daily Express reports:

According to Mr Fairbrass and Mr Dale, their deceased friend told them on his deathbed that he wanted them to use his ashes as fish bait.
He said if he couldn’t go to Thailand himself then his two friends should take his ashes to the Far East with them and infuse them with a special bait mix to make “bollies”.
The two fishermen named the special bait ‘Purple Ronnie’ and cast off with it on the end of their lines throughout the nine-day trip.
Mr Fairbrass said: “A few days before he died he asked us to take his ashes to Thailand and scatter them around the lake.
The unusual blended bait was so powerful it even helped the two snare a whopping 12stone Siamese carp – one of the biggest carp fish ever caught in the world.
Mr Fairbrass said: “We were gutted that Ron couldn’t come on the trip because he was really looking forward to it, but he was definitely with us when we caught that fish.
“We caught some smaller fish with it but didn’t think we would get a big one. Ron must have been looking out for us.”
“It seemed like it was destiny we would use Ronnie to catch one of the biggest fish in the lake.
“It’s what he would have wanted.”

This. This right here is what I want my friends to do when I die one day. I’ve always said that I want to be cremated but now I know that I want a portion of my ashes to be used as fishing bait. The other portions are to be spread in the Gulf of Mexico and the Adirondack Mountains (I’m a picky summabitch and this is what I want).

What better way to leave the world than hook you bros up with a trophy fish? None, there is no better way. And if you bros are wondering where in Thailand they caught this gargantuan carp it was at this fishing lake/resort.

Also, big shout out to my colleague Chris for sending this story my way!

(h/t The Daily Express)