Thanksgiving On The International Space Station Looks Like It’s Going To Be Pretty Dope

by 5 years ago
thanksgiving international space station

YouTube - NASA

Think you’ve got some sweet plans for Thanksgiving? I bet whatever you have planned won’t be as cool as Thanksgiving on the International Space Station.

As you’ll see in the video below, Expedition 45 astronauts Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren will be doing all the traditional things we all do on Thanksgiving. They’ll take the day off and watch some football, eat, spend some time with their families (sort of), watch more football, the usual.

About the only thing different is that (1) they’ll be doing it in outer damn space, and (2) their feast consisting of irradiated smoked turkey, candied yams and rehydratable corn doesn’t look all that tasty, despite Kelly’s best efforts to tell us otherwise.

Hey, I wonder if they’ll be partaking in any of that booze they got when they sent Japan on that liquor run awhile back? It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a little whiskey now would it?

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