The Game Is The Next Top Chef With His Culinary Masterpiece Of Grilled Cheese

On Sunday, while watching the NFL Championship games The Game exhibited that he’s just not a rapper, he’s also a creative chef. The West Coast rapper gave a tutorial on how to make his avant-garde culinary creation – the Taki Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Under the culinary sobriquet – Chef Boy R “G” – The Game presented step-by-step instructions on how to make this exciting recipe. For those who don’t know, Takis are tortilla snacks that are PACKED with flavor that can be purchased from your local bodega. The Game preferred to use Fuego Takis, which blast your senses with a spicy hot chili pepper flavor.

Fantastic Salt Bae sprinkle by The Game.

I will definitely try this recipe, but I may have to substitute the mortar and pestle for my trusty Magic Bullet to speed things up a bit. But I will add the Fireball as the pairing as he suggests.