The Game Just Made A Major Announcement And It’s Not About His Enormous Dong! (Weed, Weed Stuff On The Way)

California native and rapper ‘The Game’ made headlines over the last year when he started dropping pictures of his dong on Instagram. I’m proud to say that we’ve moved on from that and today The Game actually has an announcement that might interest you: he’s launching a line of weed-infused beverages in California and Washington and the product line will feature a flagship marijuana-infused lemonade.

Billboard was the first to report that The Game will be launching ‘G Drinks’:

“As an award-winning recording artist, star and icon, The Game embodies the true spirit of the marijuana culture,” said Ata Gonzalez, founder of G FarmaBrands, in a press release sent to Billboard. “He understands the plant and is a firm believer in us as a company and our dedication to setting the industry standard through quality and innovation.”
The new G Drinks line will feature lemonade beverages in flavors of original, pink and strawberry, infused with the company’s Liquid Gold cannabis oil. The G Stiks, cone-shaped cannabis cigarettes, are currently available in six different blends. Both products are crafted to match The Game’s personal tastes.

I think this is a great move for The Game. The weed edibles industry for medical and recreational marijuana shouldn’t be cornered by just one rapper (Snoop Dogg), there’s plenty of money being spent on the multi-billion dollar industry. And if this stops The Game from sharing more pics of his dick on Instagram (because CEOs don’t ‘gram pics of their dong) I’m totally on board with this.

(h/t Eater via Billboard)