The Onion Scarily Predicted CNN’s Coverage of the Steubenville Rapists

by 7 years ago

Such was the case two years ago, when The Onion released the above video “Athlete Overcomes Rape.” It's a satire of the shitty news stories that tend to pop up whenever an athlete is accused of sexual assualt—the ones that always allude to the athlete forced to “overcome” his issues, while the victim is rarely mentioned. The piece took it to a logical extreme, portraying the guy as the victim. Kind of funny, kind of forgettable, whatever.

Well, a funny thing happened yesterday. After two Steubenville High School football players were sentenced to juvie for the rape of an unconscious girl, CNN's Candy Crowley and Poppy Harlow delivered a reaction that exactly mirrored The Onion's SATIRIC piece from 2011. It's uncanny. The two videos could easily be swapped. You'd never know.

Our news media sucks.

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