Planet Fitness Had A Great April Fools’ Joke And No One Noticed

Planet Fitness wasn’t content to sit on the sidelines and let all the good companies hog up the April Fools’ Day attention, so they created this incredible video announcing a fictional product named ‘The Reclinomax’. It’s a reclining chair that allows you to do bicep curls, rest, do bicep curls, relax, life weights while relaxing, and relax some more.

The only sad part about The Reclinomax is that it isn’t a real invention. This thing would make money hand over fist. Planet Fitness has a rocky history, one in which the entire Internet has nitpicked over their faults and how they’re a crappy gym, and everything under that umbrella. But you know what? This video kicked ass. Not because it was funny or clever, but because they just announced a product that someone is going to make a billion doll hairs off of and laugh all the way to the bank when Planet Fitness is butthurt that they didn’t make an actual Reclinomax on their own. It’s basically the chair version of that thing that shocked your abs to simulate flexing all day, and that thing was glorious!

It’s sad that with only a few thousand views on that video it’s obvious this joke/gag/prank went virtually unnoticed.