The Rock Invites 7-Year-Old With Cancer To The ‘Baywatch’ Set So Kid Can Hang With His Idol

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is such a bro.

After word spread to the superstar about Gabriel Singleton, a seven-year-old cancer patient who frequently wrote handwritten letters to get Johnson to visit him in the hospital, The Rock has done the youngster one better, not only replying, but actually inviting Gabriel to the Baywatch via Instagram:

Gabriel gained a ton of support when people were sharing his photos of his letters on Facebook, and the hard work and dedication has paid off, leading to him meeting his idol.

Battling neuroblastoma for years, Gabriel’s mother, LuLu, said that “Tater” still has traces of cancer in his bone marrow and bones, but that there are no signs of it in his stomach, which is where it was originally.

Here’s to hoping The Rock provides a little extra luck and that the cancer disappears from Gabriel altogether soon.

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