50ft Flamethrower Filmed In 4K Is Like A ‘Mad Max’ Wet Dream After A Night Of Smoking Meth-Infused Bath Salts



I’ve said it before here on BroBible and I’ll say it again: I’m a sucker for explosions and fire filmed in slow motion using a 4K camera. Thankfully for me and you bros that are also into this it’s something that The Slow Mo Guys YouTube channel specializes in. They’re complete masters of filming awesome explosions and badass fire sequences using their ridiculously expensive 4K camera that captures footage at an insanely fast (slow?) frame rate.

In their latest video The Slow Mo Guys have built a 50ft flamethrower and they’ve fired up the 4k camera to capture some of the most badass footage I’ve seen in months. This 50ft flamethrower can hold 15.5 gallons of flammable liquid so they’re able to really get down dirty with this Mad Max: Fury Road-inspired flamethrower:

Now you know I wouldn’t post this without at least hooking you bros up with a few GIFs of the 50ft flamethrower from The Slow Mo Guys, so let’s check out the highlights.

Here’s what it looks like in real time (from a distance):

Now here it is slowed down (and close up):


For more from The Slow Mo Guys you can follow that link to check out the BroBible Archives (it’s full of lots and lots of explosions).