The Snappening Is Here! Snapchat Has Possibly Been Hacked AKA I’m About To Have An Awful Day

The Fappening was funny because it happened to celebs. The Snappening probably won’t seem as funny to you.

The Snappening is a very real threat. Oh yeah, everything was all “fun and games” (read: a horrendous invasion of privacy) when OTHER people’s nudes were getting leaked everywhere, but now that YOUR nudes are probably gonna spill out all over the Internet is when you start caring. Way to flip-flop ya jackasses, although I can’t really blame you since Snapchat’s main driving point is that all of its images self-destruct after at most 10 seconds…or do they?

Hackers have warned that thousands of nude images sent via the mobile-messaging service Snapchat, many of which users believed self-destructed after being sent, are to be released online in a searchable database…

Earlier this week an anonymous 4chan user claimed to have hacked into Snapsave, an image-saving service that allows users of Snapchat to store pictures received before they self-destruct.

By way of proof, the poster provided pictures allegedly from Snapsave.

Via IB Times

*Cue everyone reading this to start squinting reeeaaallyyy hard at that picture to try and find themselves in it.

Don’t worry, I squinted too but I think I’m safe…

The 4chan thread, initially spotted by blogger and social media strategist Kenny Withers, warns that there are around 200,000 images set to be released.

Via IB Times

Wait…200,000 images? Nevermind, I’m probably fucked.

Can Anyone Stop The Snappening From Happening?

Supposedly, The Snappening is set to make parents nationwide regret ever having children on October 12th, however you can calm your fears with the fact that one of the alleged The Snappening photos can be found through reverse Google image search.

And for those of you out there who’ve never sent nudes yourself, but know a bunch of people who you wouldn’t mind seeing naked, the hacker reportedly intends to upload the photos into a searchable database where you can use a user’s Snapchat name to find their photo, if it exists.

Snapchat has yet to respond to rumors of The Snappening due to being too busy shitting their pants in fear.

[H/T IB Times]