Wanna See Beautiful 20-Somethings Getting Turnt In Europe? Behold, The 2014 Yacht Week After Movie

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It feels like we’ve been supporting Yacht Week here at BroBible from the very beginning. We’ve literally been posting about it since 2010, right after its very sexy first trailer dropped. In fact, I’d like to believe that BroBible had some push in getting it to blow up into the 20-something travel phenomenon that its become four years later. I know at least four or five people who have gone to Croatia or Greece or wherever to rage their faces off on boat in the summer. Apparently its a once-in-a-lifetime drunken free-for-all of sailing, hook-ups, booze, and clubs with people from all over the world. Everyone raves about it and, when you watch this recap of Yacht Week 2014, you’ll understand why. LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE GETTING DRUNK ON A BOAT. The talent is off-the-charts.

There’s always next summer, Bros.

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