Watch A Thief Try To Steal A Booby-Trapped Trump Sign Only To Fall On Her Face

You may have noticed that the 2016 presidential election is a smidge polarizing, especially when it comes to one Donald J. Trump. Supporters of the Republican presidential nominee seem to be devout and ardent, while opponents of Trump absolutely despise him. There doesn’t seem to be many people in the middle. This Indianapolis man, who only went by the name of Phillip, is a staunch advocate of Trump and displays his unwavering support for the GOP candidate with signs in his yard. Not everyone is a fan of the Trump signs in the neighborhood. Instead of putting signs of the candidate that they support on their property, some people steal the Trump signs.

After several occasions of the Trump signs being stolen and damaged, Phillip had had enough. He installed a hidden camera watching the signs. Then he attached the sign to fishing wire and string hidden in the grass that he spray-painted green.

Sure enough, soon after he installed his new security system, someone tried to steal his signs. And the security system worked like a charm.

Video captures a girl trying to steal the sign and then run away. Her foot gets caught in the trap, and it sends her flying to the ground.

The moral of the story is make your own political statements, but don’t try to silence others.