Here Are The Things You Do That Piss Off Bartenders, According To Bartenders

As bartender Freddy Schwenk of Nashville puts it, “I can be your best friend [or] I can be the biggest dick you’ve ever met. I have all the power so be nice to me and you’ll get what you want real fast.”

And he’s right. At a bar we really are at the bartender’s mercy so knowing the rules will make the night go a whole lot smoother.

So if you’ve ever wondered why bartenders give you the evil eye or deliberately ignore you despite the fact that you know that they see you, this video should answer those questions and more.

Snapping your fingers (a MAJOR no-no), not knowing what you want to order after you DO get their attention, and ignoring the menu altogether are just some the things you shouldn’t do if you want to stay on your bartender’s good side.