‘Things To Avoid At A Public Pool’ Is Blowing Up Twitter And The Tweets Are Absolutely Funny AF

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Let’s face it. When you really give it some thought, for the most part all public pools are pretty gross. When they are crowded with people the pool just a giant stew of human body fluids emanating from people you really don’t want to know. I don’t care how much chlorine is in the pool, you know that the guy who just swam past you just did something gross and whatever it was you are now just sitting there floating in it.

Which is why the hashtag #ThingsToAvoidAtAPublicPool is absolutely blowing up Twitter today. Like seriously blowing up. As in thousands of tweets about it, thus proving my point above that public pools are really gross. We just try to put that out of our mind when we visit one.

Good luck with that now though, because once you read some of these best tweets about #ThingsToAvoidAtAPublicPool you may never visit a public pool again.

Not all of the reasons are gross though (just most of them). Some are just hilarious…


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