Thirsty Girl Has Racist And Homophobic Meltdown After Messaging Her Bisexual Ex And Finding Out He’s Dating A Guy

People are assholes. You, me, our friends, their friends – all assholes. Some people can be nice and some try to be kind, but deep down the majority of us are self-serving dickbags who care only for ourselves and maybe one or two others.

And yet reading through this conversation between Imgur user SBarker and his thirsty AF ex-girlfriend, I’m astounded by the new low we’ve reached. Here I was, thinking that people are assholes and that it doesn’t get much worse than that – silly me. SBarker’s girlfriend showed up to prove me wrong; that there is a much, much lower low that your average human being can reach and still be so blissfully unaware of what a garbage person they are that they’ll say shit like this:

Yeesh, what a bitch.

At least she managed to not send any of the 11 texts you should NEVER send to your ex…or did she?

[Via Imgur]