This Bro Made A Hot Dog Bun Out Of Mac & Cheese And I MUST TRY IT

by 4 years ago

Look, I’m really hungry right now. But I have that terrible dilemma of not knowing what to eat, despite having $20 in my pocket and literally being surrounded by every single dining option in the world. The Vulgar Chef, though? He gets it. When you’re craving two of the most American as fuck foods imaginable — mac & cheese and hot dogs — you’re best served by combining them into one glorious creation.

In the video about, via Food Beast, The Vulgar Chef shows hungry stoner bros like myself how to make a hot dog bun out of mac and cheese when you have a serious case of the munchies. It’s way too much of a process to do after ripping a few blunts of dank nuggetry, but probably pretty chill if you’re bored on a Saturday afternoon.

The way he presents it, I’ve never wanted to eat something more in my life right now.

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