‘This Is Why Trump Won’ Has Replaced ‘Thanks, Obama!’ As The #1 Meme In Politics


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For 8 years we relied on ‘Thanks, Obama!’ as the go-to meme for expressing our displeasure with the world.

Broken flip-flop? Thanks, Obama! Found a band-aid in your soup? Thanks, Obama! But Barry O has vacated the Oval Office and he’s no longer a scapegoat for all of the world’s problems, a burden I’m sure Barack was more than happy to have lifted off his shoulders.

All of our worldly problems now belong to Donald Trump, for better or worse, and we need a new meme to express our frustration with life. We here at BroBible were initially campaigning for that meme to be ‘Welcome to Trump’s America’, but after two weeks it appears as if ‘This Is Why Trump Won’ has emerged as the new ‘Thanks, Obama!’ meme.

Alright, bros, now that you’re all ‘This Is Why Trump Won’ meme experts you can go forth into the world and start using this meme yourself. If you want to use ‘Welcome to Trump’s America’ I still think that meme has some chops, and I’ll certainly toss you some RTs to help it catch on, but I’m not here to subvert the people’s choice of ‘This Is Why Trump Won.

[h/t Twitter Moments]

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